Corsi Giudici TTR / WSF 2013

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TTR Pro Snowboarding (TTR) and The World Snowboard Federation (WSF) are happy to invite you to The TTR/WSF Judge Session in Helsinki, Finland from October 18th to 20th 2013 . The goal of the session is to create a uniform judging platform that spans all levels of snowboarding competition.

National Judge Session – day one (18th) and two (19th)
International Judge Session – day three (20th)
National Level Session (basics) – open for everybody
This National buy ambien online Session is geared towards smaller events (1 to 3 Star regional level). Focus is on judging and judge training. It also includes training on safety and running of freestyle events, as well as judging systems and formats. During the format section the SLS will also be covered. The clinic includes a test (video judging and theory).
By completing the test at the end of the national judge-clinic, participants will receive a “TTR/WSF National C Certification” – which gives them certification to judge at 1 – 3 Star events and to be head judge at 1 and 2 Star events.
After a judge fulfills the criteria laid out in the attached document and attends the required Judging Session, higher levels of certification will be awarded, up to National B.
International Judging Session
Entry criteria:
–          TTR/WSF National B Certificate and a recommendation from their NSA (max. 2 per nation)
–          Invited Judges by TTR
This years session focus on new trick recognition, and other skills in areas required by high level events such as large field sizes, progressive formats, working with TV production and head judge strategies.
By attending the international judge-clinic and fulfilling the criteria, participants will receive a “TTR/WSF A Level Certification” – which gives them the permission to be judge at 4 and 5 Star events and to be head judge at 4 Star events. Once a A certification is achieved they will be certified to train judges in their region, in cooperation with the NSA they belong to. This education has to be based on the provided education material and a maximum of a National C Certification can be awarded at the regional level. If the Judge fulfills the criteria, he will get the National B Certificate.
After the judges or the NSA they belong to can prove judged events on 4 and 5 Star level, they have fulfilled the criteria and shown strong leadership and judging skills they will receive the “TTR/WSF International PRO Certificate” – which gives them the permission to judge 6 Star level and to be head judge on 5 and 6 Star level.
(photo credit: eleonora raggi) 
Clinic day 1Friday Oct 18- 12:00 am – 6:30 pm + Lunch
• Introductions with judges.
• Back to basics
• Criteria
• Trick Recognition
• Judging Tools and Steno
• Open Discussion of the day / Review / Snowboard Judging / Direction and our sport today
Clinic day 2 Saturday Oct 19 – 10:00 – 5:30 + Lunch
• Judging Methods and Ranking
• Practice Judging / Ranking BA / HP / SLOPE
• Judging Formats
• Review
• Testing with sls system
• Open Discussion of the day / Review / Snowboard Judging / Direction and our sport today
Clinic day 3 Sunday Oct 20 – 10:00 – 5:30 Pro Judges and Coaches
• New Trick recognition and analysis.
• Judge Strategies with large field sizes
• TTR Certification Levels
• Head Judge Strategies
• SLS Review and 2013 season debrief
• Discussion regarding snowboard judging direction and our sport today
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Address: Uudenmaankatu 23 A 2, 00120 Helsinki
How to get there:
Fly to Helsinki, Finland international airport
Judges can find flights on Thursday evening or Friday early morning due to a Noon Friday start time.
From the airport a Finnair bus (one way 6,30 €) or local bus number 615 (one way 4,50 )€ to Helsinki city and back to the airport
Course fee:
·      124,- EURO for National Level Session, day one and two (fri-sat) 100€ + vat 24% – open for all
·       124,-EURO for International Session only, day three (sun) – only by TTR invited Judges and recommended judges by NSA (max. 2)
·      186.00 EURO,- for both National level + Internation Judging session (fri-sun) 150€ + vat 24%
Registration and payment deadline:
 11th of October 2013

Any questions about Administration please contact
Questions about Education please contact Sandy Macdonald at
TTR/WSF Certification Protocol
The TTRs goal is to send the best possible judges to each competition.
The level and type of competition determines the certification required of the judges. After the competition schedule has been established, the TTR will determine how many judges will be needed for the upcoming season. The TTR will select, for 4*- 6* events the best possible judges out of the pool of those who participated in the certification / recertification process.
The certification process also includes regional aspects to meet the organizers’ needs. Therefore the competition between judges within a region is of great importance. To get certified as a Pro Judge, you have to work harder than ever before to be in the top group of judges out of your region. The TTR Judge Symposiums are a good platform for you to present your knowledge and capabilities.